Roku® Poster Design Series

Part of our rebrand of the Senator Group’s award winning Roku® product range.

Roku® is a durable, rotationally moulded chair and matching table collection with contemporary styling designed for multi-environment use including challenging behaviour – bedroom, lounge, reception, dining, high security and outdoor.

Teal Furniture Ltd (part fo the Senator Group), designers and manufacturers of Roku® approached us to create a new brand identity and provide design and marketing services to promote the product range.

The marque utilises a stylised adaptation of the Japanese symbol for six ‘roku’, housed within the hexagonal shape inspired by the form of the chair.

The chair is available in a range of finishes therefore we opted for a fluid, more flexible logo mark which is used across an array of applications such as social media, sales literature and a proposed website.

Lister Gardens Property Development Branding

Lister Gardens is a boutique selection of one and two-bedroom apartments located in the popular coastal suburb of Crosby, just 5 miles from the city of Liverpool’s business district. Harmoniously designed in a beautiful conservation area, Lister Gardens has been developed in a stunning art deco style. Named after Lance Bombardier Tom Lister, first chairman of the British Legion, Lister Gardens evokes the history of the neighbouring former Royal British Legion branch, a subtle nod to the past whilst incorporating all you to enjoy a contemporary lifestyle.

The development pays homage to the heyday of British coastal resorts with its art deco focus, whilst complementing the bold form of Poppy Place, the neighbouring Victorian merchant villa.

England’s golf coast includes some of the country’s finest Art Deco buildings. And Crosby, located just North of Liverpool city centre has some of its own. Along with Anthony Gormley’s huge installation on Crosby beach and the iconic Plaza Cinema, art is truly an influence in this attractive suburb and this can be seen in some of the local architecture.

We were approach by the Regenda Group to assist with property development branding and production of sales materials for Redwing, the group’s developer arm.

Identifying the key target group as young, working professionals and families we produced a brand identity with custom typography to reflect the style of the development and focussed heavily on the both vibrant and relaxing surroundings with an abundance of open space, bars and restaurants along with the area’s high performing schools.

The oversized lay flat brochure is both practical and luxurious with a full front and back cover wrap of matte gold foiled lines inspired by art deco wood panelling geometry.

Located deep in rural Lancashire, Aztec Office Contracts Limited is one of the UK’s leading providers of seating for business. Over the years Aztec has always taken considerable pride in giving their customers exactly what they 
require, working on specific projects for designs using custom made products and to meet demands and lead times whilst retaining a consistent level of service excellence..

We were commissioned to create a modern, minimal brand identity and carry modular simplicity throughout all marketing literature. With subtle embossed branding across stationery, brochure and catalogue design the new identity echoes the same level of quality that Aztec endures to maintain through their robust product range.

Demma Sales Folder and Brochure Design

Demma was founded in 1989 to provide a unique range of high quality solutions and ongoing support for control of the Environment and Energy in Commercial and Industrial buildings across all industry sectors. 30 years on, Demma are one of the UK’s leading Building Energy Management System (BEMS) companies and have embarked on a mission to reposition itself at the forefront of the marketplace. We were invited to develop the brand strategy, new brand identity and visual identity system, all marketing communications literature and help develop a range of develop digital products including website, energy calculators and template designs for a variety of CRM generated proposals and quotations.

We designed the sales folder with an outer cover that shows a building facade in the evening with lots of energy usage and presents the question ‘What can your building tell you’. This brand personality follows the company’s strategically developed strapline ‘Building Foresight’.

Within the folder is a collection of sales brochures, each revealing an answer to the folder’s cover question and relating to specific services Demma offers. The answers are presented through cutout digitally inspired speech bubbles to add a memorable dynamic to the literature.

View the Demma strategic rebrand case study.

View Demma’s website.

Sommer Rose Interiors Branding

With over 12 years’ experience in creating beautiful and practical interiors for the care home industry, Sommer Rose understand just how important their client’s business is and they believe that it’s what’s inside that really matters.   Working side by side with their clients they lovingly hand-craft the most rewarding living experiences for their residents and their families.  Sommer Rose has worked with the Alzheimer’s Society on training for design for dementia to provide the full package of furnishings, fixtures and equipment, all sourced from the UK’s most trusted manufacturers of quality, bespoke, friendly dementia products.

We were approached by Sarah Thompson to develop an effective brand strategy, consistent copy, design and produce a range of bespoke marketing literature to launch the new brand.

The logo marque is inspired by a young rose flower and rolled fabric which plays a part in the colourful side of products Sommer Rose sources and supplies.

The brochure utlises high quality printing materials and finishing techniques, perfectly suited to interiors branding and to reflect the high standard or service and products delivered by Sarah and Sommer Rose Interiors.

Demma – Brand strategy, personality and visual identity

Demma was founded in 1989 to provide a unique range of high quality solutions and ongoing support for control of the Environment and Energy in Commercial and Industrial buildings across all industry sectors. 30 years on, Demma are one of the UK’s leading Building Energy Management System (BEMS) companies and have embarked on a mission to reposition itself at the forefront of the marketplace. We were invited to develop the brand strategy, new brand identity and visual identity system, all marketing communications literature and help develop a range of develop digital products including website, energy calculators and template designs for a variety of CRM generated proposals and quotations.

We worked closely with the team at Demma to develop the brand’s purpose and to discover a personality that truly reflects the positive close-knit nature of the company culture. We developed a modern, friendly forward thinking icon and logotype that represents both Building Foresight, the company’s new strapline and the infinity symbol. Demma’s aspiration to expand along with a continuous broadening of it’s services gave us inspiration to work with the concept of an infinite number of future development possibilities. The brand was internally launched to all staff through a weekend keynote at the NEC, Birmingham.

A tone of voice aimed at humans was established as people drive technology and not vice versa. Copy carefully communicates the benefits of Demma’s work through the voice of a friendly professional; warm, confident and re-assuring.

The use of a fresh light cyan reflects ‘blue efficiency’, a colour scheme rapidly overtaking the commonly recognised green of eco and environment. The avoidance of upper case typography softens the tone of the brand and can be seen primarily in the custom logo type. Iconography was designed to complement brand type with equal weighting and colouring. Imagery is a balance of human focussed and representational.

“Having engaged with OCS Studio for our strategic rebrand I have to say that our image and the perception from our competitors really has taken a big leap forward.

Before the rebrand we were almost like the best kept secret in the industry always good at delivering results for our customers but never really good at shouting about it. OCS Studio developed a brand strategy that has given us the tools and methodology to do so now.

But now wow what a difference. We look slicker, sharper and the imagery and language is an integral part of Demma, our people, our documentation etc.

The marketing material has had some great reviews from our customers with many of them commenting on how the image has improved. Our quotations were always a weak point on how they were presented but the new quotation and imagery and layout will form the basis of all quotes generated electronically by our new CRM system which will be known as Foresight again tieing it in to the new brand.

Since the brand launch we have seen a large upturn in communication via social media and have recruited several engineers directly as a result of our brand being stronger in the market place. Since the launch our workforce and customer base has grown by 10% which in these times of uncertainty regarding Brexit really has proven that the investment in the brand has been very successful.

Recently we were awarded a new four year contract with a major client and the feedback was that we had the best most professional submission and our imagery and language used was what set us apart from the competition.

We see the brand as being pivotal to Demma Groups success and really helps us stand out from the crowd and retains the image of strong core values.”

Gary Powers
Group Business Director


View Demma’s website

A combination of client led and experimental poster design projects developed in our studio to help promote brands and allow our designers to simply play with, graphic design, type and stuff of interest. 


Washroom fittings branding for architects.

ONVO originated from many years of the company Lovair assisting architects with the design of school washrooms. Lovair separated their education division in January 2018 to create ONVO giving greater clarity of focus and provide customer experience tailored to this sector. ONVO recognised that they could be part of enhancing children’s experience at school and having a positive impact on the quality of their education.

Inspired by the rich heritage of British engineering, a tradition of original thought and craftsmanship, Lovair set out to create washroom fittings that are high quality and built to last. The Lovair Latherwash® trough has been known and trusted by both architects and contractors for almost a decade because of its high quality and ease of installation.

ONVO required washroom fittings branding specifically aimed at architects who specify education projects. High quality printed specification guides were designed and produced using high-quality, aqua inspired materials and print finishes.

We created a modern brand scheme with a subtle nod the early internet through simple grid systems and monospaced typography – green and white on a black background. To complement the look and feel we developed typed-text animation on the website’s homepage. The questions provide an alternate method of site navigation for architects who are not 100% of what system they require, with simple answers they are directed to products suited to their specification. In addition to the text animations we added a background colour selector (black or white) which completely reverses the colours scheme depending on your personal preference.

To complement the logo type we created a set of custom washroom symbols using styling from the various characters.


Transforming an old, dark and compact maths corridor – school environmental graphics with minimal expenditure.

We created a grid of digits and mathematical symbols, subtly revealing the words ‘Maths Department’ on the 13m wall at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College, Halton. We achieved this by using a careful arrangement of heavier weighted characters. The school wall also exhibits a series of ‘maths in industry’ inspired images printed on to robust, raised acrylic panels, adding colourful environmental graphics to the space.

Hidden within the numbers and symbols on the wall are 5 important numbers and the names of 10 of the most significant mathematicians of all time. Can you find them?


Creating a Westminster School (London) brand identity

Platform is a programme created by Westminster School and Westminster Under School that inspires Year 5 pupils who show exceptional academic potential and energy for learning. The programme prepares them for the opportunities available at 11+, including the option of applying for selective state secondary schools, academies and bursary awards at independent schools. Primary school Head Teachers work in partnership with Platform to select pupils each year. The boys and girls then participate in a free one-year programme of Saturday morning sessions and a two-day course, to fuel their ambition and to allow their academic potential to flourish.

Westminster is one of the UK’s leading academic institutions and is the only ancient London school to occupy its original site, immediately next to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

Each year some 45% of pupils are accepted by the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, 50% choose courses to suit them at the country’s other leading universities and 5% (a growing number) take up places at universities in America. Westminster parents also choose the School for their sons and daughters (the Sixth Form is fully co-educational) for the astonishing range of opportunities beyond the classroom, for example in music, drama, debating and sport. Pupils are keen to look outward as well and to play their part in the life of the local community through a programme of civic engagement; and Westminster has close relationships with neighbouring state schools, both primary and secondary.

We were asked by the Westminster School brand strategy team to create a logo with lower case letters and a capital ‘F’. Having felt this may look odd we asked “why?”.  The team’s response was “we want to emphasise the word ‘form’ as it offers dual meanings: ‘performance’ and ‘class/set’.” Our solution was simple: elevate the word ‘form’ using a platform-like graphic element.

Brand colours and typeface selection strictly follow the Westminster School brand guidelines.