Facilities Management branding for an award winning FM company.

Vivark Ltd is an award winning facilities management and social enterprise company that has been providing services to customers in the UK for over 10 years. Part of the First Ark Group, their mission is to create success by delivering services which add value and exceed customers’ expectations. Their social purpose means they invest profits straight back into local communities in order to create opportunities and nurture talent, developing jobs, training and apprenticeships for young people.

Vivark works with clients to maximise the value of their property and provide whatever they need to keep operations running smoothly. And they don’t stop there: as a social enterprise, they pledge to always give something back to the wider community.

The overlapping triangles logo marque is an extension of the original First Ark Group identity which the team at OCS Studio created in 2010. The triangles originally represented two early divisions of the organisation: KHT and KHT Services which merged to form the First Ark Group. Each triangle represented a very subtle F and A, seen overlapping in the logo to create the letter K.

KHT Services later became Vivark and along with a new company within the group, One Ark they made the decision to retain the highly recognisable ‘K’ marque. Elements from the logo are seen daily, decorating a vast fleet of service vehicles.

Two physical forms of the marque have been created to give maximum flexibility across a wide range of applications such as screen printing, engraving, print and digital. The primary marque uses gradients where the single level version uses hatching, allowing the logo to be engraved or embroidered without issues.

We worked in partnership with Vivark over several years creating the majority of the company’s marketing materials and Facilities Management branding with the exception of web and digital. The services we provided included: logo creation, brand guidelines, sales literature, annual reports, advertising, photography and a variety graphics and visuals for various uses.


Creating a sensitive healthcare branding system for Marie Curie, University of Liverpool and Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust.

The Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute Liverpool (MCPCIL), University of Liverpool, was established in 2004. The Vision of the Institute is that all people experience a pain free and dignified death, supported by the very best clinical and compassionate care. Its work is delivered through three divisions: Research and Development, Service Innovation and Improvement, and Learning and Teaching.

We were approached to create a healthcare branding system for a vast suite of literature and marketing communications to modernise the organisation whilst retaining the already well-established logo. Our brief was to create a graphic system that enables internal and external stakeholders to visually differentiate between each publication without being absolutely repetitive.

Our solution is a branding system that uses both ‘house’ and distinct colours plus cover layout changes across a large variety of document types. This naturally presents a challenge as there is a risk of losing identity. Controlled colour pallets, graphic styles, typography and consistent logo use creates a suite of literature that is instantly recognised as part of the organisation.

“The creative team from OCS Studio have produced our full marketing suite, digital asset library, brand guidelines, website and are currently producing our global extranet. Due to the nature of our organisation crisis work is often required in response to press or changes in medical research. They have addressed and resolved such situations quickly and effectively.”

Deborah Griffiths
Project Manager Service Innovation and Improvement Division
Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

Housing association branding.

KHT are an independent housing Association providing high quality homes at affordable rents. Now part of the First Ark group of companies, KHT have been in business since 2002 providing homes for 25,000 people through 14,000 homes in Knowsley, North West UK.

In 2011 we were commissioned to explore and develop a new name and brand for KHT. From various group sessions and consultations with key stakeholders it emerged that the name KHT carried so much equity that the decision was made to retain the initials and adapt the established group visual identity. The group then took the highly successful overlapping triangles logo marque, an extension of the original First Ark Group identity which OCS Studio created in 2010 and applied it to their KHT brand identity. The triangles represented two early divisions of the organisation: KHT and KHT Services, merging to form the First Ark Group and seen in the logo as the letter K. The two physical forms of the marque have been created to give maximum flexibility across a wide range of applications such as screen printing, engraving, print and digital.

OCS Studio continue to work closely with the marketing team at KHT, providing creative and consultancy services and have produced brand guidelines, annual reports, signage, graphics and imagery for a wide range of applications.

The International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person (ICBCDP) is formed by a group of practitioners and researchers in care for the dying from 12 countries around the globe. It was formed in January 2014 and is globally referred to as the “Collaborative”. The vision of the Collaborative is for a world where all people experience a good death as an integral part of their individual life, supported by the very best personalised care.

Using the existing brand identity we were commissioned to design a graphic system for a range of printed literature including reports, briefing papers, clinical documents, exhibition materials and brand guidelines. In addition to printed literature we designed and developed a multi-tier extranet using the .NET platform. Executive Members, Council Members and Members can log in and share information amongst groups and access key information and resource anywhere in the world.