Demma – Brand strategy, personality and visual identity

Demma was founded in 1989 to provide a unique range of high quality solutions and ongoing support for control of the Environment and Energy in Commercial and Industrial buildings across all industry sectors. 30 years on, Demma are one of the UK’s leading Building Energy Management System (BEMS) companies and have embarked on a mission to reposition itself at the forefront of the marketplace. We were invited to develop the brand strategy, new brand identity and visual identity system, all marketing communications literature and help develop a range of develop digital products including website, energy calculators and template designs for a variety of CRM generated proposals and quotations.

We worked closely with the team at Demma to develop the brand’s purpose and to discover a personality that truly reflects the positive close-knit nature of the company culture. We developed a modern, friendly forward thinking icon and logotype that represents both Building Foresight, the company’s new strapline and the infinity symbol. Demma’s aspiration to expand along with a continuous broadening of it’s services gave us inspiration to work with the concept of an infinite number of future development possibilities. The brand was internally launched to all staff through a weekend keynote at the NEC, Birmingham.

A tone of voice aimed at humans was established as people drive technology and not vice versa. Copy carefully communicates the benefits of Demma’s work through the voice of a friendly professional; warm, confident and re-assuring.

The use of a fresh light cyan reflects ‘blue efficiency’, a colour scheme rapidly overtaking the commonly recognised green of eco and environment. The avoidance of upper case typography softens the tone of the brand and can be seen primarily in the custom logo type. Iconography was designed to complement brand type with equal weighting and colouring. Imagery is a balance of human focussed and representational.

“Having engaged with OCS Studio for our strategic rebrand I have to say that our image and the perception from our competitors really has taken a big leap forward.

Before the rebrand we were almost like the best kept secret in the industry always good at delivering results for our customers but never really good at shouting about it. OCS Studio developed a brand strategy that has given us the tools and methodology to do so now.

But now wow what a difference. We look slicker, sharper and the imagery and language is an integral part of Demma, our people, our documentation etc.

The marketing material has had some great reviews from our customers with many of them commenting on how the image has improved. Our quotations were always a weak point on how they were presented but the new quotation and imagery and layout will form the basis of all quotes generated electronically by our new CRM system which will be known as Foresight again tieing it in to the new brand.

Since the brand launch we have seen a large upturn in communication via social media and have recruited several engineers directly as a result of our brand being stronger in the market place. Since the launch our workforce and customer base has grown by 10% which in these times of uncertainty regarding Brexit really has proven that the investment in the brand has been very successful.

Recently we were awarded a new four year contract with a major client and the feedback was that we had the best most professional submission and our imagery and language used was what set us apart from the competition.

We see the brand as being pivotal to Demma Groups success and really helps us stand out from the crowd and retains the image of strong core values.”

Gary Powers
Group Business Director


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Teal Living is a brand new offering from the innovative British manufacturer Teal, part of The Senator Group, a family run business, global brand and leader in the furniture manufacturing industry. Teal boasts over 40 years’ experience manufacturing for the NHS and challenging environments market. Teal Living is a brand which provides a range of design-led products specifically aimed at the residential care market, offering classic styles with a twist plus fashionable, contemporary pieces all complemented with a range of hand crafted cabinets.

The brand has been designed to promote a feeling of luxury and comfort. Brand identity, language and tone of voice became the key drivers of the design-led message. We created an elegant brand identity accompanied by a secondary marque to add a stamp of quality to marketing literature. The marque is structured using a set of four hearts representing care. A series of luxurious brand patterns were designed to be used as supporting graphics for large areas of literature plus exhibition stands and other applications.

Fashion inspired typography plays a key part in achieving the required visual aesthetic for the brand which reflects both design and quality. Copy sections throughout branded literature are cleverly headed with a combination of adjectives and nouns in a consistent manner such as ‘Affordable Luxury’. The adjectives use Gill Sans, a modern classic sans serif typeface and nouns use the elegant italicised serif font Essonnes.

Photography uniquely contrasts the feel of a British stately home with the urban decay of an old mill. A series of creative compositions and simple product shots were produced to form a stunning image library.

A teaser advertising campaign was launched throughout industry magazines where we produced cropped imagery revealing elements of products along with the brand identity. The brand was officially launched at Care and Dementia Show 2016, NEC Birmingham and visitors to the stand took away a stylish promotional bag including gifts and the launch brochure.

“We were looking for a brand image that would really hit our message home. A brand that would make our customer feel special, promote a feeling of luxury and comfort, and endorse confidence. To help us on this journey we hired specialist design and brand agency OCS Studio. The launch of the brand was scheduled for the Care and Dementia show in October and was everything we had hoped for. We attracted exactly the right type of customer and that opened the door for us in a number of arena’s we would of struggled to get in previously.

Our aim from the beginning was to make the customer sit up and look… almost double take if you like and it took research, planning and time to know exactly where to pitch ourselves… OCS Studio really took the time to understand our industry, our competition and what we were trying to achieve and to me that attention to detail is what ultimately made it so successful.

On the back of the brand launch we have a busy year scheduled for 2017 and we will have no hesitation working with them again in fact we look forward to it.”

Sara Jane Farrow, National Business Manager – Residential Care, Teal Living

View the Teal Living website here


Senator Group branding and brochure design for the Healthcare sector.

The Senator Group is the largest manufacturer of commercial furniture and workplace solutions in the UK and the leading investor in research, development and design. With facilities in Europe, the US and Middle East, Senator is a global brand. Senator exports to over 70 countries, has a turnover of £120m and now employs over 1300 staff.

Formed by a partnership of the group’s Teal and Allermuir companies, global expansion of the healthcare furniture solution extended into the Middle East where products were showcased at Arab Health Dubai.

Teal HealthCare is an award winning solutions based provider of innovative, high quality patient seating, ward furniture and specialist products for the healthcare sector. Today, Teal HealthCare is the largest supplier of ward and residential furniture to the NHS in England & Wales.

Allermuir designs and manufactures high quality innovative seating and was established in 1970 by the Vaghetti family. It became part of The Senator Group in 2005. Allermuir has become a worldwide brand delivering to over 70 countries across the globe.

The team at OCS Studio were commissioned to create high quality, engaging exhibition graphics, visualisations and printed literature for the event.


Branding and marketing land agents with over 180 years experience.

Formerly Meller Braggins Estates Plus, Meller Speakman are land agents and consultants within the affluent Cheshire region of the United Kingdom, since 1836. The company offers strategic estate management, rural and commercial property management, RICS registered valuations, development land advice and sales, sale of farms and land, digital mapping services and succession planning.

The company had undergone a restructure and relocation in 2016 and required a new name and image to mark this major leap forward. We developed a strong, new brand marque which truly represents rural Cheshire through the use of the iconic stag. The bold aesthetic of the marque combined with geometric sans serif type and vivid orange helps create a modern, powerful brand which truly differentiates from competitors.

We provided a wide range of creative and marketing services including brand identity design, graphic design, photography, digital development, social media branding, exhibition materials and continue to do so.

“The creation of the new Meller Speakman brand is fantastic and we are all very proud of our ‘stag’ logo’! The branding compliments our professionalism and provides a unique quality platform for the company to grow and develop further into new areas of business”

Peter Wain
Managing Director