Demma – Brand strategy, personality and visual identity

Demma was founded in 1989 to provide a unique range of high quality solutions and ongoing support for control of the Environment and Energy in Commercial and Industrial buildings across all industry sectors. 30 years on, Demma are one of the UK’s leading Building Energy Management System (BEMS) companies and have embarked on a mission to reposition itself at the forefront of the marketplace. We were invited to develop the brand strategy, new brand identity and visual identity system, all marketing communications literature and help develop a range of develop digital products including website, energy calculators and template designs for a variety of CRM generated proposals and quotations.

We worked closely with the team at Demma to develop the brand’s purpose and to discover a personality that truly reflects the positive close-knit nature of the company culture. We developed a modern, friendly forward thinking icon and logotype that represents both Building Foresight, the company’s new strapline and the infinity symbol. Demma’s aspiration to expand along with a continuous broadening of it’s services gave us inspiration to work with the concept of an infinite number of future development possibilities. The brand was internally launched to all staff through a weekend keynote at the NEC, Birmingham.

A tone of voice aimed at humans was established as people drive technology and not vice versa. Copy carefully communicates the benefits of Demma’s work through the voice of a friendly professional; warm, confident and re-assuring.

The use of a fresh light cyan reflects ‘blue efficiency’, a colour scheme rapidly overtaking the commonly recognised green of eco and environment. The avoidance of upper case typography softens the tone of the brand and can be seen primarily in the custom logo type. Iconography was designed to complement brand type with equal weighting and colouring. Imagery is a balance of human focussed and representational.

“Having engaged with OCS Studio for our strategic rebrand I have to say that our image and the perception from our competitors really has taken a big leap forward.

Before the rebrand we were almost like the best kept secret in the industry always good at delivering results for our customers but never really good at shouting about it. OCS Studio developed a brand strategy that has given us the tools and methodology to do so now.

But now wow what a difference. We look slicker, sharper and the imagery and language is an integral part of Demma, our people, our documentation etc.

The marketing material has had some great reviews from our customers with many of them commenting on how the image has improved. Our quotations were always a weak point on how they were presented but the new quotation and imagery and layout will form the basis of all quotes generated electronically by our new CRM system which will be known as Foresight again tieing it in to the new brand.

Since the brand launch we have seen a large upturn in communication via social media and have recruited several engineers directly as a result of our brand being stronger in the market place. Since the launch our workforce and customer base has grown by 10% which in these times of uncertainty regarding Brexit really has proven that the investment in the brand has been very successful.

Recently we were awarded a new four year contract with a major client and the feedback was that we had the best most professional submission and our imagery and language used was what set us apart from the competition.

We see the brand as being pivotal to Demma Groups success and really helps us stand out from the crowd and retains the image of strong core values.”

Gary Powers
Group Business Director


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Logo design and environmental branding for education.

The Jim Wilson Centre for Learning is a new research and study centre at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College in Halton, United Kingdom. The centre provides students access to valuable research and information within a vibrant, inspiring and purposeful space designed to enrich learning and promote independence, confidence and achievement.

Named after the College’s Chair of Governors Jim Wilson, the ‘Wilson Centre’ will also be a satellite hub for Halton Borough Library. All students and staff have been made members of the Library and will have access to their entire library and online catalogue. The College is the first and only school in the borough to have this exciting arrangement.

The brief was simple: create a brand identity and environmental branding for education, to enhanced the philosophy of the Centre and which could be used as environmental branding throughout the building. The adaptable ‘W’ marque utilises an array of textures and images to reflect the multitude of study subjects and resources available in the Wilson Centre. The logotype is a customised, modern, condensed face which is perfectly suited to environmental branding with messages strategically situated throughout the building.

Each area of the Centre carries it’s own colour scheme to help visitors identify the spaces with ease, all knitted together using consistent typographic styling. Positive messaging is used to inspire and encourage the students whilst adding a modern aesthetic to all areas of the building. The main corridor includes an anamorphic ‘W’ which appears in it’s correct form on entering the student access door, then distorting as approached.


Branding and marketing land agents with over 180 years experience.

Formerly Meller Braggins Estates Plus, Meller Speakman are land agents and consultants within the affluent Cheshire region of the United Kingdom, since 1836. The company offers strategic estate management, rural and commercial property management, RICS registered valuations, development land advice and sales, sale of farms and land, digital mapping services and succession planning.

The company had undergone a restructure and relocation in 2016 and required a new name and image to mark this major leap forward. We developed a strong, new brand marque which truly represents rural Cheshire through the use of the iconic stag. The bold aesthetic of the marque combined with geometric sans serif type and vivid orange helps create a modern, powerful brand which truly differentiates from competitors.

We provided a wide range of creative and marketing services including brand identity design, graphic design, photography, digital development, social media branding, exhibition materials and continue to do so.

“The creation of the new Meller Speakman brand is fantastic and we are all very proud of our ‘stag’ logo’! The branding compliments our professionalism and provides a unique quality platform for the company to grow and develop further into new areas of business”

Peter Wain
Managing Director

Rural estate branding.

Sitting on the edge of Knowsley Estate, home of Lord Derby, Stanley Grange Business Village offers office space with units ranging from 288 sq ft to 10,480 sq ft. Sympathetically converted from the Estate’s original Victorian farm buildings, each office has its own character and has been designed to retain as many of the original features as possible whilst providing every practical facility to suit modern business. The business park offers a tranquil setting for any business.

We were commissioned by the estate to create a new brand identity, sales literature and signage for the business park using the traditional Derby coronet and in-keeping with the estate. Sales literature captures the character of the setting through a combination of interior, exterior and detail photography. Since circulation of the sales literature all suites are now fully occupied with a wide range of businesses.

“We are absolutely delighted with the branding work undertaken by OCS Studio for Stanley Grange; the design and standard is of exceptionally high quality and befitting to the image of Stanley Grange.”

Rachel Scott, Head of Marketing.

Knowsley Chamber of Commerce is the Local Growth Hub for the metropolitan borough of Knowsley in the United Kingdom. Knowsley is a 24/7 location with a proud industrial heritage and home to some of the most successful companies in the UK. Acting as the Growth Hub it is a single point of contact for all types of Knowsley business support – whether it be for start-ups, growing businesses, developing skills, finding property, networking or finance.

We were approached by the chamber in 2010 to create a new brand identity for the organisation following the creation of a 10 network sector divisional structure. The sectors are seen within the marque as coloured elements within represent businesses flourishing from Knowsley.

“In 2011, the OCS Studio team produced the now well established Knowsley Chamber brand, helping to enhance the profile of the Chamber – since the launch of the new identity and as of Summer 2016, there has been a 55% uplift in membership. The new brand has been pivotal in awareness building and the resultant business growth.”

Lesley Martin-Wright
Chief Executive Knowsley Chamber / Head of the Knowsley Growth Hub


Housing association branding.

KHT are an independent housing Association providing high quality homes at affordable rents. Now part of the First Ark group of companies, KHT have been in business since 2002 providing homes for 25,000 people through 14,000 homes in Knowsley, North West UK.

In 2011 we were commissioned to explore and develop a new name and brand for KHT. From various group sessions and consultations with key stakeholders it emerged that the name KHT carried so much equity that the decision was made to retain the initials and adapt the established group visual identity. The group then took the highly successful overlapping triangles logo marque, an extension of the original First Ark Group identity which OCS Studio created in 2010 and applied it to their KHT brand identity. The triangles represented two early divisions of the organisation: KHT and KHT Services, merging to form the First Ark Group and seen in the logo as the letter K. The two physical forms of the marque have been created to give maximum flexibility across a wide range of applications such as screen printing, engraving, print and digital.

OCS Studio continue to work closely with the marketing team at KHT, providing creative and consultancy services and have produced brand guidelines, annual reports, signage, graphics and imagery for a wide range of applications.

Social business branding and creative services.

The First Ark Group has a unique social business model which consists of five companies all working together to create success and generate life changing opportunities. Each company contributes to the success in a different way but collectively create fantastic conditions for generating social impact and making a difference to the lives of the people who live and work in our communities.

They are:

First Ark Ltd – created in 2010, First Ark Ltd is the parent company which sets and oversees the vision and direction of the Group. Providing a range of corporate services to the Group, First Ark also campaigns on the things which matter the most to our customers and communities and takes a strong thought leadership role.

Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) – a housing association which was formed in 2002 provides fantastic houses and services to over 25,000 people living in its 14,000 rental homes in Knowsley, Merseyside. Continuing to improve the level of services and offer new and innovative solutions, including investing in green technologies, is a priority for KHT as well as supporting many of their customers through the challenges of welfare reform.

Oriel – a housing development brand, delivered through a trading subsidiary of KHT, was born in 2013 and is building homes in the North West for sale and shared ownership. Through its innovative range of financial solutions and quality homes Oriel will be responsible for bringing the home ownership dream to reality for many people who have aspired to own their own home but haven’t been able to get on the housing ladder.

Vivark – launched in 2012, Vivark is an award winning social enterprise which delivers Facilities Management and Refurbishment services both internally within the Group and externally to a range of business and corporate customers. All the profits from Vivark are returned to the group and reinvested for social return and it has a strong and impressive commitment to apprenticeships.

One Ark – the investment charity, and the newest member of the First Ark Group family, was launched in 2013. One Ark will secure funding and investment and work with partners to deliver services which provide life changing opportunities to people in Knowsley and surrounding communities.

In 2010 and to coincide with the launch of First Ark Ltd the team visited OOCS Studio and asked if we would be happy to become responsible for the social business branding for this major group which emerged from the evolution of KHT and KHT Services.

The nature of the KHT and KHT Services was housing and housing maintenance services so a marque emerged during the brand development stage which is created by two roof-like triangles, each representing one the companies. The overlapping and visible blend represents the coming together of the two entities to create one, First Ark. The symbol also reflects the initial letter K.

We continue to successfully work with First Ark as creative consultants and offer a wide range of design services to the group.

“Social business branding can present an array of challenges so we needed to find the right agency. The first edition of our Corporate Strategy is the best corporate document we have ever had produced.”

Bob Taylor
Group Chief Executive

Actuation Valve provide market leading valve and actuation services to the marine, chemical, consumer health, water and general process industries. With large UK stock facilities they have the ability to provide high quality, off-the-shelf product solutions from world leading manufacturers for some of the most demanding applications.

We were commissioned to design a new brand identity for Actuation Valve that reflects the forward thinking nature of the company and more importantly ‘flow’. The marque represents a waveform and is used both subtly and prominently as a modern graphic system across sales, marketing and internal communications literature.

“Building on 21 years of innovative, efficient and reliable service, and utilising the full range of traditional and technological marketing, Actuation Valve has significantly raised awareness of the company outside of its niche since the creation of the new brand. The company is enjoying new market and product opportunities through the highly visual and instantly recognisable logo and has been awarded the exclusive UK distributor for TTV a quality European valve manufacturer. New business now accounts for 50% of current turnover with significant future sales under negotiation.”

Luke Parker
Commercial Director

When searching for building company branding experts in the North West area, Davies Building and Maintenance approached OCS Studio to assist with he company’s rebrand.

Davies Building & Maintenance provide high-quality, trouble-free building, improvement and maintenance services across a variety of sectors. Davies is a people business who work for great people and employ great people. The company’s philosophy is to retain focus at all times on providing excellent workmanship safely, on time and to budget.

We created a visually bold brand identity with strong, people focused messaging across all literature including a fully responsive website. Simple, clutter-free content has helped the company engage with specific target groups effectively and more importantly with personality which can be rare within the construction industry.

“OCS Studio are a key partner for Davies in developing and implementing its marketing strategy. The support and expertise that we have received has been exceptional, and has helped us to shape a contemporary and compelling brand, that is now the foundation for all our promotional activity.”

Peter Davies
Managing Director


View Davies website here

The Hightown Group is a cutting edge specialist group of construction companies who incorporate the most innovative working practices underpinned by traditional family values to deliver building contractor, integrated support services, preventative & reactive maintenance, specialist cladding, roofing and professional services.

Hightown Construction Ltd was formed in 1972 and has evolved to specialise in a variety of fields within the property and construction sector.

OCS Studio were responsible for leading a major brand overhaul when the Hightown Group was formed in 2013. The sharp and bold identity was created to represent the precision and professionalism of the organisation with a subtle reference to the marque’s angular, roof-like slice throughout sales and marketing literature in the form imagery and graphics.