Demma – Brand strategy, personality and visual identity

Demma was founded in 1989 to provide a unique range of high quality solutions and ongoing support for control of the Environment and Energy in Commercial and Industrial buildings across all industry sectors. 30 years on, Demma are one of the UK’s leading Building Energy Management System (BEMS) companies and have embarked on a mission to reposition itself at the forefront of the marketplace. We were invited to develop the brand strategy, new brand identity and visual identity system, all marketing communications literature and help develop a range of develop digital products including website, energy calculators and template designs for a variety of CRM generated proposals and quotations.

We worked closely with the team at Demma to develop the brand’s purpose and to discover a personality that truly reflects the positive close-knit nature of the company culture. We developed a modern, friendly forward thinking icon and logotype that represents both Building Foresight, the company’s new strapline and the infinity symbol. Demma’s aspiration to expand along with a continuous broadening of it’s services gave us inspiration to work with the concept of an infinite number of future development possibilities. The brand was internally launched to all staff through a weekend keynote at the NEC, Birmingham.

A tone of voice aimed at humans was established as people drive technology and not vice versa. Copy carefully communicates the benefits of Demma’s work through the voice of a friendly professional; warm, confident and re-assuring.

The use of a fresh light cyan reflects ‘blue efficiency’, a colour scheme rapidly overtaking the commonly recognised green of eco and environment. The avoidance of upper case typography softens the tone of the brand and can be seen primarily in the custom logo type. Iconography was designed to complement brand type with equal weighting and colouring. Imagery is a balance of human focussed and representational.

“Having engaged with OCS Studio for our strategic rebrand I have to say that our image and the perception from our competitors really has taken a big leap forward.

Before the rebrand we were almost like the best kept secret in the industry always good at delivering results for our customers but never really good at shouting about it. OCS Studio developed a brand strategy that has given us the tools and methodology to do so now.

But now wow what a difference. We look slicker, sharper and the imagery and language is an integral part of Demma, our people, our documentation etc.

The marketing material has had some great reviews from our customers with many of them commenting on how the image has improved. Our quotations were always a weak point on how they were presented but the new quotation and imagery and layout will form the basis of all quotes generated electronically by our new CRM system which will be known as Foresight again tieing it in to the new brand.

Since the brand launch we have seen a large upturn in communication via social media and have recruited several engineers directly as a result of our brand being stronger in the market place. Since the launch our workforce and customer base has grown by 10% which in these times of uncertainty regarding Brexit really has proven that the investment in the brand has been very successful.

Recently we were awarded a new four year contract with a major client and the feedback was that we had the best most professional submission and our imagery and language used was what set us apart from the competition.

We see the brand as being pivotal to Demma Groups success and really helps us stand out from the crowd and retains the image of strong core values.”

Gary Powers
Group Business Director


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Valve monitor branding

VizSwitch Limit Switchboxes provide a high quality, compact and reliable valve monitoring and position sensing solution to the process industries enabling safe and efficient control management in any environment or application worldwide. The Viz Switch device is designed to be seen from almost any angle with distinct red or green ‘on’ or ‘off’ visible quadrants.

OCS Studio designed a brand identity which represents both flow and robustness through directional lines and bold weighting in both marque and sans serif type. The distinct red and green quadrant system was then incorporated into the design for full colour use.

“The commercial strength of the brand and its potential in the market enabled the management team to negotiate with an international manufacturer for the unique branding and trademarking of a range of products which has lead to a global distribution opportunity. In its first year of trading, units sold were approximately 73% ahead of expectation and further new products are being designed.”

Paul Jackson, Financial Director.

Actuation Valve provide market leading valve and actuation services to the marine, chemical, consumer health, water and general process industries. With large UK stock facilities they have the ability to provide high quality, off-the-shelf product solutions from world leading manufacturers for some of the most demanding applications.

We were commissioned to design a new brand identity for Actuation Valve that reflects the forward thinking nature of the company and more importantly ‘flow’. The marque represents a waveform and is used both subtly and prominently as a modern graphic system across sales, marketing and internal communications literature.

“Building on 21 years of innovative, efficient and reliable service, and utilising the full range of traditional and technological marketing, Actuation Valve has significantly raised awareness of the company outside of its niche since the creation of the new brand. The company is enjoying new market and product opportunities through the highly visual and instantly recognisable logo and has been awarded the exclusive UK distributor for TTV a quality European valve manufacturer. New business now accounts for 50% of current turnover with significant future sales under negotiation.”

Luke Parker
Commercial Director

Proteus Facades Brand Application

Proteus® Building Facades Technology is a UK based manufacturing company operating from at its state-of-the-art production facility based in Skelmersdale. Proteus® is the leading designer and manufacturer of Rainscreen Cladding Systems for building envelopes specialising in optically flat Honeycomb Bonded Rainscreens.

Taking the already well established Proteus® brand we created a highly effective brand style applied across a suite of sales and technical literature, employee engagement, internal communications and fully responsive website.

“We selected OCS Studio to partner with Proteus® to create our sales and marketing literature in 2014. They are happy to work to our exceptionally high standards, ensuring design and quality continually meets this. During the time we have been working with OCS Studio there has been more than a 50% increase in project enquiries. In 2015 the company was purchased by SIG plc.”

Lee Caffrey, Managing Director


View Proteus® website here