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Project Description

Social business branding and creative services.

The First Ark Group has a unique social business model which consists of five companies all working together to create success and generate life changing opportunities. Each company contributes to the success in a different way but collectively create fantastic conditions for generating social impact and making a difference to the lives of the people who live and work in our communities.

They are:

First Ark Ltd – created in 2010, First Ark Ltd is the parent company which sets and oversees the vision and direction of the Group. Providing a range of corporate services to the Group, First Ark also campaigns on the things which matter the most to our customers and communities and takes a strong thought leadership role.

Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) – a housing association which was formed in 2002 provides fantastic houses and services to over 25,000 people living in its 14,000 rental homes in Knowsley, Merseyside. Continuing to improve the level of services and offer new and innovative solutions, including investing in green technologies, is a priority for KHT as well as supporting many of their customers through the challenges of welfare reform.

Oriel – a housing development brand, delivered through a trading subsidiary of KHT, was born in 2013 and is building homes in the North West for sale and shared ownership. Through its innovative range of financial solutions and quality homes Oriel will be responsible for bringing the home ownership dream to reality for many people who have aspired to own their own home but haven’t been able to get on the housing ladder.

Vivark – launched in 2012, Vivark is an award winning social enterprise which delivers Facilities Management and Refurbishment services both internally within the Group and externally to a range of business and corporate customers. All the profits from Vivark are returned to the group and reinvested for social return and it has a strong and impressive commitment to apprenticeships.

One Ark – the investment charity, and the newest member of the First Ark Group family, was launched in 2013. One Ark will secure funding and investment and work with partners to deliver services which provide life changing opportunities to people in Knowsley and surrounding communities.

In 2010 and to coincide with the launch of First Ark Ltd the team visited OOCS Studio and asked if we would be happy to become responsible for the social business branding for this major group which emerged from the evolution of KHT and KHT Services.

The nature of the KHT and KHT Services was housing and housing maintenance services so a marque emerged during the brand development stage which is created by two roof-like triangles, each representing one the companies. The overlapping and visible blend represents the coming together of the two entities to create one, First Ark. The symbol also reflects the initial letter K.

We continue to successfully work with First Ark as creative consultants and offer a wide range of design services to the group.

“Social business branding can present an array of challenges so we needed to find the right agency. The first edition of our Corporate Strategy is the best corporate document we have ever had produced.”

Bob Taylor
Group Chief Executive

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