P+P Maths Corridor

Project Description

Transforming an old, dark and compact maths corridor – school environmental graphics with minimal expenditure.

We created a grid of digits and mathematical symbols, subtly revealing the words ‘Maths Department’ on the 13m wall at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College, Halton. We achieved this by using a careful arrangement of heavier weighted characters. The school wall also exhibits a series of ‘maths in industry’ inspired images printed on to robust, raised acrylic panels, adding colourful environmental graphics to the space.

Hidden within the numbers and symbols on the wall are 5 important numbers and the names of 10 of the most significant mathematicians of all time. Can you find them?


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P+P Maths Corridor
P+P Maths Corridor 1
P+P Maths Corridor 4
P+P Maths Corridor 3
P+P Maths Corridor 2