Teal Living

Project Description

Teal Living is a brand new offering from the innovative British manufacturer Teal, part of The Senator Group, a family run business, global brand and leader in the furniture manufacturing industry. Teal boasts over 40 years’ experience manufacturing for the NHS and challenging environments market. Teal Living is a brand which provides a range of design-led products specifically aimed at the residential care market, offering classic styles with a twist plus fashionable, contemporary pieces all complemented with a range of hand crafted cabinets.

The brand has been designed to promote a feeling of luxury and comfort. Brand identity, language and tone of voice became the key drivers of the design-led message. We created an elegant brand identity accompanied by a secondary marque to add a stamp of quality to marketing literature. The marque is structured using a set of four hearts representing care. A series of luxurious brand patterns were designed to be used as supporting graphics for large areas of literature plus exhibition stands and other applications.

Fashion inspired typography plays a key part in achieving the required visual aesthetic for the brand which reflects both design and quality. Copy sections throughout branded literature are cleverly headed with a combination of adjectives and nouns in a consistent manner such as ‘Affordable Luxury’. The adjectives use Gill Sans, a modern classic sans serif typeface and nouns use the elegant italicised serif font Essonnes.

Photography uniquely contrasts the feel of a British stately home with the urban decay of an old mill. A series of creative compositions and simple product shots were produced to form a stunning image library.

A teaser advertising campaign was launched throughout industry magazines where we produced cropped imagery revealing elements of products along with the brand identity. The brand was officially launched at Care and Dementia Show 2016, NEC Birmingham and visitors to the stand took away a stylish promotional bag including gifts and the launch brochure.

“We were looking for a brand image that would really hit our message home. A brand that would make our customer feel special, promote a feeling of luxury and comfort, and endorse confidence. To help us on this journey we hired specialist design and brand agency OCS Studio. The launch of the brand was scheduled for the Care and Dementia show in October and was everything we had hoped for. We attracted exactly the right type of customer and that opened the door for us in a number of arena’s we would of struggled to get in previously.

Our aim from the beginning was to make the customer sit up and look… almost double take if you like and it took research, planning and time to know exactly where to pitch ourselves… OCS Studio really took the time to understand our industry, our competition and what we were trying to achieve and to me that attention to detail is what ultimately made it so successful.

On the back of the brand launch we have a busy year scheduled for 2017 and we will have no hesitation working with them again in fact we look forward to it.”

Sara Jane Farrow, National Business Manager – Residential Care, Teal Living

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