Viz Switch

Project Description

Valve monitor branding

VizSwitch Limit Switchboxes provide a high quality, compact and reliable valve monitoring and position sensing solution to the process industries enabling safe and efficient control management in any environment or application worldwide. The Viz Switch device is designed to be seen from almost any angle with distinct red or green ‘on’ or ‘off’ visible quadrants.

OCS Studio designed a brand identity which represents both flow and robustness through directional lines and bold weighting in both marque and sans serif type. The distinct red and green quadrant system was then incorporated into the design for full colour use.

“The commercial strength of the brand and its potential in the market enabled the management team to negotiate with an international manufacturer for the unique branding and trademarking of a range of products which has lead to a global distribution opportunity. In its first year of trading, units sold were approximately 73% ahead of expectation and further new products are being designed.”

Paul Jackson, Financial Director.

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